ATMega328P-PU Breakout Board

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There are several version of ATMega Breakout Board I made. And here are 2 version which are very similar.

ATMega328 Breakout.jpg

ATMega328 Breakout zif.jpg

Both are using the same schematic, only different at the board footprint, where one of them is using a ZIF Socket instead of regular IC Socket.

These boards were inspired from Kevin Darrah's Cheater board. I very love its simplicity. Not using too much components, yet it can fully functioning. At my version, I added 2 LED. 1 LED for power indicator, and 1 is connected to pin 13 at the chip, as general Arduino development board. But if you don't need it, then simply don't need to put the LED and it will still fully functioning.


And here is the schematic for the board, as a reference.

ATMega328 Breakout Sch.png

How To Get

If you are insterested to get this board, you can visit marketplaces below :


If you wondering how I use these boards, check out video below.

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