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Version 2


This is an Arduino custom board to be used with MAX7219 4in1 Module.

And it already have the pinout for Bluetooth HC-05 or HM-10 connection, or you can use it with another communication module that have same pinout.

MAX7219 MessageBoard V3.jpg


And here is the schematic for the board, as a reference.

M7219 MessageBoard V3.png


Here is the list for all the components you'll need to make this board works.

  • IC ATMega328P-PU : 1 pcs
  • IC Socket 28pin  : 1 pcs
  • Crystal 16Mhz : 1 pcs
  • Capacitor 22pF : 2 pcs
  • Capacitor 0.1uF : 3 pcs
  • Capacitor El 10uF : 1 pcs
  • Resistor 10k : 1 pcs
  • Resistor 220 : 1 pcs
  • Resistor 1K : 1 pcs
  • Resistor 2K : 1 pcs
  • LED 5mm Red : 1 pcs
  • Slide Switch : 1 pcs
  • Pin Header Male 1x6 Right Angle : 2 pcs
  • Pin Header Female 1x5 Straight : 1 pcs
  • Resistor 1K : 1 pcs
  • Resistor 2K : 1 pcs

And of course you will also need these :

  • Module MAX7219 4in1 (as your needs)
  • Module HM-10 or HC-05 (you can choose the one you prefer)


For the Arduino sketch, can use the sample from MD_Parola, or if you want to use the version I modified, dan be downloaded from :

I also create a web UI using Processing IDE.

A little notes if for sending the message from your mobile phone if you using different apps. Message format should be :


Description :

*     : Start code for the message or command
<CMD> : Command code
~  : End code for the message or command

List of CMD :
S : Speed, followed with number (in millisecond)
B : Toggle Brightness between 0-15
R : Reset the Arduino hardware
F : Factory settings
W : Write current setup to EEPROM
M : Show message, followed with the message
J : Toggle Text Justify L, C, R
V : Toggle Invert/Normal
P : Followed with number for delay between in and out(in millisecond)
I : Toggle In Animation
O : Toggle Out animation
C : Followed with number for auto clear message (in millisecond, 0=disable)

Sample :
- To display message "Welcome" . You must send *MWelcome~

How To Get

If you are insterested to get this board, you can visit links to marketplace below : (For now they only available in Indonesia)


If you wondering how I use these boards, check out video below.

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