ATTinyX26 Mini Board

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ATTinyX26 minimum system, aka ATTinyX26 Mini Board.

ATTiny3226 pinout.png

This board is a minimum system from ATTiny 2 Family, which can be use for IC series 826, 1626 or 3226.


And here is the schematic for the board, as a reference.

ATTiny3226 breakout v1 sch.png


To program this board using Arduino IDE, first you must add additional Board Manager Urls at your Arduino IDE's preferences. I will recommend this package below :

After that you can add additional boards from the Boards Manager. Search for megaTinyCore. And then you can add "megaTinyCoreby Spence Konde" Then you can choose the board meet for the ic installed at your board, which could be 826, 1626 or 3226. For our board, we choose only 3226 since it have the biggest memory to store the program. The board could be programed using UPDI pin, or using USB-serial if already "burn bootloader" to activate the reset pin. At our board, all IC already burned with the Optiboot and set with PB4 pin as RESET pin. So you can directly use the USB Serial for programming.


Here is datasheet for ATTiny3226 for reference ATTiny3226

How To Get

If you are insterested to get this board, you can visit marketplaces below :


For the moment, no video available. (will update once available)