ATTiny10 ICSP Board

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ATTiny10 Mini Board with ICSP header

ATTiny10 board Pinout.png

This board is a breakout board for ATTiny10, with ICSP pin for programming. This mini board is suitable for you who are looking for only a minimum system with a minimum physical footprint.


And here is the schematic for the board, as a reference.

ATTiny10 TPI ICSP sch.png


To program this board using Arduino IDE, first you must add additional Board Manager Urls at your Arduino IDE's preferences. I will recommend this package below :

After that you can add additional boards from the Boards Manager. Just search for ATTiny10. And then you can add "ATTiny10Core by Technoblogy" Then you can choose ATtiny10/9/5/4 for the board. You can use ICSP port (2x3 header) to burn your program into this chip. Don't forget to burned bootloader first before uploading your program. Because the bootloader will set the selected clock, etc for your chip.

How To Get

If you are insterested to get this board, you can visit marketplaces below :

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