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USB UART 02.jpg

I made this board because I can't find the one I want at the market.

Here is the features of this board that fulfill what I need, or what I looking for :

  • Using a type B usb socket, so will be more durable
  • Using a 3v3 voltage regulator, so it won't draw current from FT230's internal regulator which is very small and not intended for powering external circuit
  • Have a switch to turn off the VCC pin so it can be used directly with circuits that have its own power source


Here is the link to FT230X datasheet which is the main chip at this board.


And this is link to voltage regulator's datasheet, used at this board..



This is the schematic for my board.

USB UART FT230.png

How to Get

This board is offered at marketplace below :


If you wondering how good this board performed, check out this video.

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