LED Cube RGB 4x4x4

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This LED Cube RGB 4x4x4 is actually based on Charliecube designed by Asher Glick, which all the informations are available at https://aglick.com/charliecube.html

What I made here is a PCB version, which all the circuitry were made into 2 separated boards, which then will be connected using headers. And these are the 2 boards.
The left one is for LED Pillars. And the right one is for the controller board.

And below is the led pillar soldering process. As seen below, the Cathode position of each LED (the one without loop) is rotated clockwise for each LED.
LED Pillar Soldering02.jpg

And here are the circuit boards with all the LED Pillars soldered, and the controller board assembled with all the components.
2modules apart.jpg

And here is the picture of the LED Cube RGB 4x4x4 in complete form.

As references, here are the schematic of the 2 boards above.

LED board
CubeRGB444 LEDs.png

Controller board
CubeRGB444 Minsys.png



Here are the list of all the components needed for these boards.

  • RGB LED 5mm Common Cathode : 64pcs
  • Wire : 64pcs
  • IC ATMega328P-PU : 1pcs
  • IC Socket 28pin : 1pcs
  • Crystal 16Mhz : 1pcs
  • Capacitor 22pF : 2pcs
  • Capacitor 0.1uF : 6pcs
  • Capacitor El 10uF : 2pcs
  • Resistor 10k : 1pcs
  • Resistor 1K : 1pcs
  • Pin Header Female 1x6 Right Angle : 1pcs
  • Pin Header Female 1x8 Straight : 2pcs
  • Pin Header Male 1x8 Straight : 2pcs
  • Diode 1n4001 : 1pcs
  • Tactile Button 6x6x5 Right Angle : 2pcs
  • Mini Slide Switch : 1pcs
  • Socket DC PCB Mount : 1pcs
  • M3x6 Black Pan Padded Screw : 4pcs
  • M3x5 Male-Female Nylon Spacer : 4pcs
  • M3x10 Female-Female Nylon Spacer : 4pcs
  • M3x7x1 Nylon Flat Washer : 4pcs
  • RGB444 Base Board : 1pcs
  • RGB444 MinSys Board : 1pcs
  • Kabel DC Adaptor Charger USB Male to DC 5.5mm : 1pcs


Source code for this LED Cube RGB 4x4x4 also based on Asher Glick's and modified to work with the schematic used here. Source code are available at : https://github.com/paulustanuri/PT018_RGB_LED_Cube_V3.1

Tersedia di

The circuit boards with all the components needed are available in a form of a Kit, complete with the jigs needed. Kit single.JPG

Available at marketplaces below :

Cara Membuat

The tutorial to assemble and make this LED Cube can be watch at the video below :

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