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Digital Isolator for FTDI USB-UART V2.0

DigIsolator V2 with back.jpg

This board is a breakout board of a 4 channels Digital Isolator chip from Analog Device (ADUM1402) or Silicon Labs (SI8642). The main function of this chip is to isolate 2 circuits which each having their own voltage source, and at the same time help them to communicate.

The special about this board is, it is designed with an exact pinout of FTDI USB-UART modules which are very commonly used. So its usage is very simple and easy.

In the first version, there is one pin from the digital isolator that is not connected. Because the common FTDI usage only uses 5 pins. But in this version, all of the IC's pins are broken out, so that if needed, all of the pins are ready to be used.


Here is the schematic of the board.

DigitalIsolator4FTDI V2 sch.png


Here is the component's datasheet for your reference :

Si864x :
ADUM140x :

Where to buy

If you are interested, this board is offered at marketplaces below :


If you want to know the usage of this little board, check this video below

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